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We have spoken about what commitment looks like in your business and what it looks like in your personal life.  We have spoken about the key element which is pro-actively doing the things you MUST do even if you don’t want to do it.  But if your schedule is already slammed, if you are already running around like a chicken with your head cut off, how do you pro-actively add MORE in?  That is the subject of today’s tip.

You see, there is one law of time management that makes this possible.  It is a “secret” so to speak not because people don’t know of it, but that they don’t understand it and don’t utilize it properly.  It is the secret to my success and a key if you are going to live a full and happy life.  The key is……time blocking.  Right now you are saying, “I do time block and I am still behind” or “I know all about time blocking”, but I assure you-if you’re not getting what you want out of your days you may know OF time blocking, but you are not mastering it. Time blocking, at it’s simplest, is blocking off the most important things into blocks of time and MAKING them happen no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT!

As an LO, nothing trumps talking to clients. Marketing calls are more important than almost anything else you can do.  You need to block off 2 hours and make the calls.  That means you block off those two hours and COMMIT to no distractions.  You don’t check your e-mails.  YOU DON’T TAKE INBOUND CALLS.  Even if it is someone calling you back, don’t take the call.  This time is for pro-active outbound calls.  You can follow up and return the calls after the block.  You make this call block happen no matter what.  Deal falling apart?  Make the calls first.  Waiting on an e-mail back about whether this lender or that lender will do the loan?  Don’t look at the e-mail, just pound the phones.  Need to run an errand for your spouse?  Plan it around the call block.  The call block is the highest priority.  Block off your days for work, your nights for family-divorce the one from the other and so stay married to both.

That means after 5:30, when you are heading home, work no longer exists.  The client you could not reach during the day, oh well, try again tomorrow.  Then you PLAN YOUR FAMILY TIME AS WELL.  And accept no interruptions, no excuses.  Maybe your youngest child has been exceptionally clingy wanting your time.  Block off an hour and take them somewhere or plan something that allows you to be with them alone-and again, accept no excuses.  Focused intensity living in the now, in the moment of the block while you are in the block is the key to success with time blocking.  No distractions, just the task at hand whether it be your family or your calls. Now, you may ask, if I am blocking in these important tasks and ignoring the others during that time, then how do I fit the other tasks in?

Again, by planning in and committing to the important blocks, you will find that you can condense a lot more into the shorter time you have.  In other words, the day expands to tie up all your loose time, but when you control the blocks of time, you will find everything else can be condensed.  It is like going on vacation, the day before vacation, because you are short on time, you are highly focused and get a lot done in the short time you have.  When you block off 2 hours for calls and 2 hours for family at night you then have to be highly focused and get everything else done in the shorter amount of time.  You will find a new energy as you nail the other tasks that must get done.  And you will actually find that some of the things you are doing will get handled for you.

I check my e-mails 3 times a day, morning, noon, and right before I leave for home.  I never check e-mails after I leave the office-work is done.  But I can’t tell you how many times I am clearing my e-mails out at the end of the day and I see an e-mail about a crisis and then a few e-mails later,  an e-mail saying “forget about it, we worked it out”.  The time stamp between the two e-mails may be 2 hours.   If I was checking my e-mails every 10 minutes, I would have been sidetracked handling the “crisis” for two hours.  Much of what you do is simply happening because you are reacting.  If you block off the important things, like calls and family, you will find that you CAN get everything else done in a quick fashion because you may not believe it, but you are wasting time right now.  You are reacting to every e-mail and call when you actually don’t have to.  Try committing to 2 hours of calls, try committing to 2 hours of actual family activity engaged in something other than vegging out in front of the TV and soon you will see a new life flourishing.  You will see that you CAN get it all done.  And you will see that 24 hours really is plenty of time in the day.  YOU CAN DO IT! The key is blocking the important things into a block of time and committing to the block no matter what.  Do that, and the rest will fall into place!

p.s.  There are more nuances of this commitment piece that I can share.  But I have covered all the basics here.  If you have questions or need additional help, just comment to this article and I will try to assist in whatever way I can.  I hope you make this day great!

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